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What companies use zoominfo of the biggest challenges organizations encounter today is how to generate quality leads. This means obtaining an accurate email address and telephone number for prospects. The pandemic and work from home phenomenon has made this even more challenging as many people are not available in their offices to answer a call. Instead, they are working from their cellphones which are less readily available. ZoomInfo Technologies has blasted its way onto the scene with their what companies use zoominfo tool ZoomInfo.

This tool is primarily for businesses who target leads in a business-to-business environment and is revolutionizing how businesses operate globally. The firm specializes in providing contact information for business-to-business leads with highly accurate data. This means you get names, titles, cellphone numbers, email addresses — with significant accuracy.

How does that work? Say for example you sell IT services. ZoomInfo will then generate a list of only prospects that have searched /8931.txt, or shown interest online in IT services.

Now you can ensure that that list only receives correspondence relating to that service and higher conversions are achieved because you are what companies use zoominfo a lead with content directly tied to something they are what companies use zoominfo in.

How does ZoomInfo deliver such wbat data? The company started out building its data in what companies use zoominfo markets, ensuring it was up to date and complete, and then moved over to more and more markets as it zoominco.

This allowed it to maintain the same level of high precision compankes in many industries. ZoomInfo also ensures high quality data because their rosters are maintained by a machine learning and artificial intelligence engine that pulls from millions of unique sources.

Changes can include but are not limited to the onboarding of new employees, the launch of new products, and the opening of new locations. All in all, ZoomInfo helps salespeople and marketers to reach decision-makers. From there the sales and marketing teams can target them, reach them, and sell to them.

In addition, the tool offers a number of add-ons like engage which enables you to launch automated sales campaigns linked to specific sales people. This option ensures that regardless of how busy your sales people get, there are always solicitations going out to new leads. They also have a chat bot add-on for incorporating the cmpanies into zooominfo website and offering chat bot support. ZoomInfo is the tool of the 21st century for targeting potential customers, understanding their needs and catering to exactly what would benefit them most.

With such a tool under their belts, companies can hope compaines grow their revenue and witness increased continuous success. At Innovators Alliance, we are dedicated to bringing you the right news about the right tools you need in your business to excel and thrive. As such, we could not resist introducing ZoomInfo and outlining its many benefits. For more information about how you can lead your organization to operational success visit www. With over what companies use zoominfo years of experience fostering profitable business growth through innovation, we can provide you with valuable insights and tips about how to innovate in your own business, why innovation is important, and the benefits of innovation.

In what companies use zoominfo blog, we will regularly discuss innovative business approaches, from marketing to culture what companies use zoominfo processes.

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What companies use zoominfo


ZoomInfo is a popular contact management platform and it is considered one of the best when it comes to the comprehensiveness of its contact database. However, it is not the only good platform available and there are a lot of other options that you can consider. Some are good for finding contacts and others have a lot of other add-on capabilities. You can select the one that suits the requirements of your business the best.

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ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence tool with a comprehensive contact database that can help your sales and BD teams perform better. It provides accurate contact and company intelligence to fuel your business development and sales strategies. Using the Growth Acceleration Platform by ZoomInfo, you can connect with the key decision-makers in any company or industry. You can get access to on-demand, direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and other background information for your prospects.

It also allows you to build targeted lists of contacts for more focused sales prospecting and conversions. Image Via Zoominfo. UpLead is an online B2B sales intelligence platform that connects you with qualified leads.

This ZoomInfo alternative has an existing lead database of over 46 million online profiles. Using their platform, you can find leads and verify their contact information in real-time. To find your ideal leads, you can add over 50 filters to your search. This ensures that you can seamlessly shift between different software programs. You can also download all the information you need from UpLead within a matter of minutes and share it with your teammates.

If you want to learn more about their pricing, you can see their additional pricing plans here. Lead is a powerful sales intelligence platform that can be used as a zoomInfo alternative. It comes with a database that can help recruiters, sales teams, marketing managers, and business builders perform better. The data they provide is highly-accurate and reliable. You can check out their other plans here.

Sales Navigator is a contact database and discovery platform powered by LinkedIn. LinkedIn is in itself a huge professional network with professionals from all industries. This ZoomInfo alternative helps you find and reach out to the right people in a company or niche.

This is a powerful sales intelligence and business development tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes. The interface is also quite easy to operate and makes it easy for you to manage your contact details and interactions. Overall, this is a great ZoomInfo alternative and sales tool that is trusted by businesses and marketing professionals worldwide.

This is a lead generating and prospecting tool that can help you find leads in your niche and build your contact lists. This is different from ZoomInfo in that it is not a contact database in itself, but can help you find relevant leads. The way it works is by integrating with your Google Analytics and analyzing users visiting your website. It can identify prospects even if they do not fill any forms and just visit your website.

Other than that, it can also find contact information for any employees in a company. And, it can also track user behavior to help you nurture those leads in the right way. Image Via Leadfeeder. This is another ZoomInfo alternative that you can use to gather contact information as well as market trends. The business development tool has robust data gathering, analytics, and visualization tools to aid your sales team. Just like ZoomInfo, it also has a comprehensive contact database with updated information on contacts and their details.

It also regularly provides updates on any leadership changes or any relevant news that could help you with sales prospecting. However, unlike ZoomInfo, the data gathering process is not automatic but manual. Image Via DiscoverOrg. This is a powerful sales tool that can be a good ZoomInfo alternative for finding contact data.

They also have a Chrome extension that lets you manage all of your prospects in an easy and efficient manner. Apart from the prospecting features, this tool can also help with the outreach aspect. You can use it to run drip email campaigns to engage your leads.

It also integrates with other platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot , making it all the more useful. Image Via Prospect. The price for the Premium plan can be customized as per business requirements. This is a prospecting and contact management platform that can be a great ZoomInfo alternative.

It comes with numerous features that can help you with your entire sales pipeline. From finding relevant industry leads to extracting all relevant contact data and information about them, it helps you do it all.

Additionally, it also monitors changes in this contact-related information to identify trends to fuel your strategy. Another great feature that it offers is that you can get detailed company profiles with all business-related information about a company. You can use this to find prospective B2B clients for your business and make a pitch in the right way.

Image Via Mattermark. This is a sales intelligence platform that provides you with everything you need for generating leads and driving them through the sales funnel. This ZoomInfo alternative provides detailed company and contact data that captures information in detail. Some key features include targeted prospect lists, robust business intelligence capabilities, and a lot more. This is another good ZoomInfo alternative for finding and organizing contact details.

It provides you with all relevant information about a contact or company to help you make better business decisions. It has a plugin that scans the social profiles of prospects when you visit them and gathers all relevant information from there.

It is a fairly simple-to-use tool that can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes and types. Image Via Lusha. Price : There is a free trial plan for one user.

This is a powerful business intelligence platform that provides you with quality data and analytics to empower your teams to perform better. It is a highly scalable tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes from startups to enterprises. One of its best features is that it has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you visualize all of your data using dashboards. Overall, it is a great ZoomInfo alternative that gathers and organizes data for your use in an efficient manner.

Image Via Sisense. For more ZoomInfo pricing information, you can contact the vendor. ZoomInfo is legal globally. All the business data scraped by ZoomInfo is taken after their contributor community consents.

For the latter, you will be asked to install the ZoomInfo software. ZoomInfo provides users with monthly credits and bulk credits at sign-up. Each time a user exports a contact from the platform, credits are consumed. On the first of every month, monthly credits are reset. ZoomInfo maintains public profiles of its users.

They obtain user information from their vast contributory network, third-party experts, and machine learning tools. Enter your registered email address and initiate the profile-removal process from the page menu. These are some of the best ZoomInfo alternatives that you can consider for your business.

All of these are good options and you can take your pick depending on your business requirements. Know of any other good ZoomInfo alternatives for contact management, and prospecting? Please let us know in the comments below.

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