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Sentry Safe Fire-Safes Water Resistant.

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Not sentty. For locations chamge require a raised notary seal, use a pencil to shade the seal to insure that it is visible. I was originally worried about a keypad entry being too easy, but once you enter the correct code you then have to press the key and then twist the dial open after hearing a beep and green light. Although I продолжение здесь keep it bow realizing this as how to change a sentry safe password worked just to have the appearance of a lock box the plastic knob you twist to open it finally broke after minimal use. In stock. If you hold Power of Attorney for the адрес страницы owner and need to access the safe, your notarized letter will also need to include that you are acting on behalf of the safe owner.


How to change a sentry safe password

Mar 25,  · On older models of the Sentry safe, press the PROG button and type the factory code two times. After deleting the existing codes, press the PROG or P key and then enter the factory code once again. Within five seconds, type a . Find the factory code in the small card inside the manual you get when purchasing a Sentry safe. After entering it twice, press the ‘PROG’ button and input the factory code again. Now, within five seconds, press a new five-digit code. It is your new user code. You can change this code as much as you want. Feb 25,  · Enter: # – Master Code or Manager Code – #. The set light will stay orange for ten (10) seconds. Enter: 2 – * – New Manger Code – # – New Manager Code – #, before the orange light disappears. If a mistake is made during the change, .


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