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You can also change the screen sharing settings for your account so that participants can share their screen in all of your Zoom meetings. Go to your account settings on zoom.

Zoom allows you to add annotations when you are sharing your screen. Tools include a text tool to type text onto the screen, a hand-drawing tool, a stamp tool, and a spotlight tool for highlighting the location of your cursor.

The annotations will save as an image into your Zoom folder on your computer. Zoom Screen Sharing and Annotation. If you are sharing your screen, you can give another attendee access to control your screen. They may also request access themselves, which you will need to approve. See further information from Zoom on giving and requesting control of your screen for how to do this. Wish you have a lively Zoom event with great music and a TV-like experience?

Zoom has great features when it comes to screen sharing including the sharing of sounds and videos. Chances are you are not using it to the fullest. Learning these additional features can bring your virtual meeting and event to the next level.

Screen Share Menu. Two is always better than one and that is so true in having a dual monitor. It can make wonders. A second monitor can give you more space to share your screen.

You can easily share the window or the application you want to be shown. You can do a lot of things on a spare monitor while hosting the Zoom meeting. As a meeting host and you are sharing a screen, you can still monitor the chatbox and participants by opening it in a new window. For a more collaborative meeting, use the whiteboard screen sharing option.

Whiteboarding is best when you are planning or brainstorming. Everyone in the meeting gets to share their ideas. The best solution is to share the portion or part of the screen you want to be shown. If you only have a single monitor, this can be a great option. Click the share screen icon, go to the advance tab, and somewhere in the middle, you will see the option to share a portion of the screen.


Allowing Participants to Share Their Screen in Zoom | Division of Information Technology.

These 5 awesome tips can make a big difference in your next Zoom meeting and webinar. You can also share the computer audio without actually sharing the screen. This allows you to look at a program or document together, and to share PowerPoint slides with your class as you lecture via Zoom. You can do a lot of things on a spare monitor while hosting the Zoom meeting. If you want your participants to be able to share their screen, you can change the sharing settings in the meeting. They can: restrict sharing to the host only allow single or multiple attendees can share at any one time; or specify who can start sharing when another person is already sharing host only or all participants. Chances are you are not using it to the fullest.


How to allow other users to share screen on zoom – how to allow other users to share screen on zoom:. Allowing Participants to Share Their Screen in Zoom

To share your screen, click the “Share Screen” [1] button in the bottom menu bar of your Zoom window, then select what you want to share [2], and hit “Share” [3]. When you have joined a Zoom meeting, click on the Security tab in the Zoom window’s bottom bar. Under ‘Allow participants to’, click on the. Once you’re all set up, you can start presenting and just click next or previous to go over the slides. To enable this feature, go to the.


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