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How to join zoom meeting with computer audio. Zoom: Connecting to a Web Conference

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A webcam will allow others to see you in the meeting room. If you do not have a webcam, you are able to participate in the meeting room without, and your name will take the place of your video. Once you log into the Zoom meeting, a popup window gives you three options to connect with audio to the zoom meeting. These are listed below:. Connecting with the microphone and speakers is the first option that Zoom gives you in the popup window.

You are able to call into the Zoom room and use your phone for audio. Zoom has two options for numbers you can call which are listed below:. Once you call in, you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID for the Zoom room.

You can also have the Zoom room call you. If you would like to switch your audio from the computer to a phone or vice versa, click on the arrow to the right of the Mute button in the bottom menu bar and select Switch to Phone, or Switch to Computer.

Clicking that link will dial into the Zoom room and include the Meeting ID , allowing you to go directly into the meeting room. This will take you directly to the Zoom room. Search Articles. This option is only available if you enable pre-approved consent to be unmuted and the participant provided consent. The host and co-host can also request everyone in the meeting to unmute themselves. This allows the participants to choose if they are ready to be unmuted or wish to remain muted. If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it.

If a verification dialog displays, choose Turn On to verify the change. If the setting is grayed out, it has been locked at either the group or account level, and needs to be changed at that level. Once consent has been given to a host, any future meetings with this host and this setting enabled will have the same pre-approved consent. Meetings without this setting will require the host to ask each participant to unmute themselves.

If you join from a computer and call in from the telephone, please make sure you either enter your participant ID when calling in, or enter your participant ID when already in the call, or manually leave computer audio on your computer.

If another participant is too close to you, and both of you have speakers on, please leave audio conference on one of the computers or hang up of the the telephone connections. If you are in a conference room with multiple devices, please disconnect computer audio from the other devices.

While in a meeting or webinar, you can call yourself or others to join your meeting by phone. This feature is also known as “call me”. If you are dialing a phone number that includes an extension, type a hyphen “-” after the phone number and enter the extension. For example, dials the extension If you are a participant, you can only call out to international numbers after the host has joined the meeting. Original sound allows you to preserve the sound from your microphone without using Zoom’s echo cancellation and audio-enhancing features.

This is ideal if your microphone or sound equipment has these features built-in and you do not need the additional enhancement. You will first need to enable the setting for yourself, a group of users, or your account in the Zoom web portal. After enabling the feature to preserve original sound feature in the web portal, you will also be able to enable:. Enabling web portal setting for original audio is not required to display the setting in the desktop client.

The hand icon will turn blue and the text below it will switch to say “Lower Hand” while your hand is raised. How to join a Zoom meeting. See here for more details Joining from a computer: install required software When entering a Zoom meeting for the first time from a computer you will need to download a small application file.

Google Chrome Google Chrome should automatically download the file and point to it as shown above. Joining from a computer: audio settings You will then be prompted how you wish to join your audio. Please note calls will be charged at standard national rates. Files must be in the following formats: pdf, jpeg, jpg, doc,docx, pptx and ppt Disabling video It is possible that during the conference participants will be ask to turn off their cameras and move to audio only, particularly if there are problems with the available bandwidth.

To do this simply click on the camera icon at the bottom of the Zoom window. Disabling microphone mute function It is recommended to mute your microphone when you are not speaking to reduce background noise and improve audio quality.

To do this simply click on the Mute icon at the bottom of the Zoom window.



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The same method can be used to raise your hand in a Zoom meeting on a mobile device, simply tap “Raise Hand” at the bottom left corner of the screen. You will first need to enable the setting for yourself, a group of users, or your account in the Zoom web portal. There are many ways to connect to a Zoom meeting. Once you log into the Zoom meeting, a popup window gives you three options to connect with audio to the zoom meeting. Introduction With more collaboration taking place over Zoom today, you If you joined computer audio automatically, you can leave the computer audio and join by phone:.


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