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Here’s a quick guide on how to set up your mics, mixers, or audio interfaces with Zoom. It also details out the options you have on Zoom that will help you get the best audio output.

To use a special audio input like an external mic or audio interface, you will need to use your computer to join the Zoom call. Adding devices to your phone will be difficult and unreliable. You need to ensure that your computer is able to recognise your device, and it shows up in the list of inputs. Meetong an example, where you can see a USB mic connected. If the device shows up in your computer settings like above, you should easily be able serup select it as an input in your Zoom desktop client.

On the bottom left, you will find a microphone icon, where how to setup audio for zoom meeting – how to setup audio for zoom meeting: can pick any audio mewting as the input for Zoom. As you can see above, the USB mic shows up as an input. Similarly, a USB mixer will also show up here. The same options can also be found in Zoom’s preferences. Here, you can see a Studio 24c mixer as an input option for Zoom. Same has been set as output as well. As a video conferencing software, Zoom does some audio processing to ensure voices are clear.

But this doesn’t necessarily work well for music. Zoom also offers a way for us to turn off these options, and that is what we’ll be doing in this section. By default, this option will be checked, please ensure you uncheck it so that you do not allow zoom to control the input audio volume from multiple participants.

Thus, allowing your repetitive vocal or instrument sounds to be heard without it being distorted and compressed. On the Zoom desktop app, navigate to ‘Preferences’ and then select ‘Audio’. One there, take a look at the last option – “Enable stereo”. Ensure this is checked, to confirm that you are transmitting stereo sound to the people in your digital event. If you would like to remove Zoom’s audio processing, click on ‘Advanced’ on the previous screen, and meetlng will be shown the following screen.

Here, refer to the first checkbox, ‘Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone. By enabling this, Zoom turns off audio enhancements such as echo cancellation and noise suppression.

We recommend you keep this turned how to setup audio for zoom meeting – how to setup audio for zoom meeting:. On the ziom screen as above, you can set noise reduction to disabled for both persistent how to setup audio for zoom meeting – how to setup audio for zoom meeting: intermittent background noise.

However, leave Echo Cancellation on Auto. Don’t touch this if you’re not sure of what you are doing. Due to the variety of audio input hardware that exists, the same settings will not work for all cases.

You may find that turning on some of Zoom’s processing makes your sound quality better. You may also find that tweaking specific settings on your hardware devices improves your output. So feel free to zoon. And if you have found something that works for you or ausio further questions on this, join our Slack community and let us know there! There are close to a hundred creators just like foe to help you out. Mdeting: the best experiences ozom out vor in your city or enjoy handpicked content while sitting comfortably at home.

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Audio and Video Options


Check Enable stereo if you or users in your meeting have microphones capable of recording in stereo. You can test with the Test Mic button to ensure your audio is not too loud, which can result in clipping and distortion.

Your meeting’s audio should now be fully optimized for instrumental playing and singing. You might hear unwanted echos from the audio. And with many of us working from home, background noises from inside or outside the house can disrupt a meeting. Zoom provides a few ways to enhance your audio.

You can test your speakers and microphone and adjust the volume before a meeting to find the best quality. You can suppress background noise with different settings from low to high. You can also clamp down on any audio echo that pops up during a meeting.

At the main screen, click your photo or profile icon and select Check for Updates. At the Settings screen, click the setting for Audio.

The first thing you may want to do is check your speaker and microphone. Make sure your speaker is set to the correct source and click the button to Test Speaker. The graph for the Output Level should then move along with the audio. If you hear the sound clearly, great. If no sound comes out, click the dropdown menu for Speakers and change it to a different source. Here, you can also adjust the volume via the slider bar Figure A. Next, make sure your microphone is working properly.

Support Remote Support. Join by Phone To use your phone click on ” Phone Call ” and then dial the number listed. Note: If you need to join in later you can get back to this screen by click ” Join Audio ” in the bottom left corner of the Zoom meeting.

Tip: You should always test your audio devices to ensure that they are working prior to joining or hosting a new meeting. In the Audio Settings menu, you can select which speakers or microphone that you would like to test, as well as adjust volume on these devices.

Follow the instructions on your screen to call a phone number for the country you are in, enter the meeting ID and participant ID when prompted. To completely disconnect from the meeting audio, click on the up arrow next to the Microphone icon in the meeting toolbar and select the Leave…Audio option.

Zoom offers a useful test meeting environment where you can play around with your audio and video settings, practice sharing content, and more. Video Options Although it isn’t required, using video makes meetings more engaging and is recommended. Connecting to Video and Adjusting Video Settings.

Audio Options Good audio is essential to a productive meeting. Phone Call. Select Phone Call in the audio conference options. Dial one of the listed phone numbers.


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