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While in Mac-to-iPad Mode, you can move your Zoom whiteboard over to your iPad and use your Apple Pencil to annotate. Using Your iPad or iPhone to Share with a Whiteboard with the Zoom Pencil and Pen tool: click to select the tool and click again to select the color. use Zoom and iPad Pencil together to create amazing white board education Launch zoom on iPad and join a meeting amazing with apple pencil icon.

Sidecar and Zoom – Apple Community.

Hosting from a laptop offers a much more robust experience than from a mobile device like an iPad. Mar 20, PM in response to grayfield In response to grayfield. Doing it via Sidecar was my first instinct too, but it’s pretty kludgy.


Zoom whiteboard apple pencil. Using Luna and Zoom


This guide offers an overview of using an iPad and Apple Pencil, two tools from the tech kit, for digital whiteboarding and annotation. It covers the basics of setting up your iPad with Zoom, but also offers suggestions about using the iPad in class, iPad workflows, and annotation apps. Hosting from a laptop offers a much more robust experience than from a mobile device like an iPad.

We outline several steps below. This is due to a wireless security setting on campus. Note that this method is a good failsafe for any situation — it works at home or on campus on both Macs and PCs. This brief tutorial walks you through this process. You can use Airplay, the wireless option. The steps in the above video for PCs will be very similar to those on the Mac. You can also use the cable method , just like you would on campus.

Zoom itself offers basic, built-in whiteboarding functionality, which allows you to write or draw on a blank whiteboard or annotate anything on a shared screen. You could sign in to Zoom on both devices and share content from either. I’ve done this and it works splendidly. Then you can just draw in your favorite iPad drawing app OneNote, Notability, whatever and it just shows up for your viewers. Lag is maybe 1 second, so just focus on your iPad while drawing; THAT is still effectively real-time.

Apr 29, PM. Page content loaded. Mar 18, AM. Mar 20, PM in response to bumbleben0 In response to bumbleben0. But how do I show a ppt or keynote show on one screen while using the iPad for discussion using sidecar? This answer seems to pertain to just using the iPad. Mar 20, PM. Mar 20, PM in response to grayfield In response to grayfield. It sounds like you’d like to use the iPad as Sidecar for using Zoom’s whiteboard while reserving your MacBook Air screen for displaying other content.

I was able to move the whiteboard to the iPad screen and then draw or write on it using Apple Pencil. But using my fingers to draw didn’t register on the whiteboard. I should add that my iPad and MacBook were on different wifi networks, and not already connected via AirPlay, when I first did this.

Zoom had very good, clear directions on what to click to make it work. Failing that or if the stakes are higher, of course, a cable is always safest. May 7, PM in response to grayfield In response to grayfield.

What I have found is if you enter the meeting as a separate user with your iPad using the Zoom App , you can use it within the meeting e. Touch share screen on the iPad and choose whiteboard You will have full control of the whiteboard with the iPad. If you are not using it for whiteboarding, it is just like a secondary user you can utilize. Sidecar is not really needed in this application. Since you still have both your laptop and iPad connected to Zoom, you can toggle between screen shares if necessary.

May 7, PM. May 30, AM in response to kct In response to kct May 30, AM. Use a cable. Jun 6, AM. Jun 7, AM. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.


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