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Fix Screen Resolution Problems in Windows – Make Tech Easier – Minor adjustments make a major improvement in the quality of your display

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How to Adjust the Screen Resolution in Windows 11.How to Adjust Screen Resolution – Windows 10 – Lenovo Support FI


This opens the Settings app. The Display category opens by default. Related: How to enable dark mode in windows 10, Office, and Microsoft Edge. As shown above, you should see two or more rectangles with numbers. In our example, we have two monitors connected to a laptop. Scroll down to Resolution and select the resolution you want in the expanded menu. Related: The best mini laptops you can buy in If you only want to change the resolution without dealing with refresh rates, then your journey ends here.

This section deals with selecting a specific resolution and a specific refresh rate, like 1, x 1, at 75Hz. Scroll all the way down to the Advanced display settings link. Under Choose display , select the display you want to modify in the drop-down menu.

Click the Display adapter properties for Display whatever you chose in Step 3 link. In the pop-up window, click the List All Modes button. Select a resolution and refresh rate in a second pop-up window. Click OK. Click Apply. The resolution will change. Related: How to split your screen in Windows Display manufacturers program a list into their displays containing stable resolution and refresh rate combinations that work correctly on their product.

Windows 10 uses this list to present your resolution options in the Settings app. The drawback to pushing a higher resolution and refresh rate combo is that you could damage the display, so experiment at your own risk. As noted, this guide is based on PCs that include a discrete graphics chip provided by Nvidia GeForce.

Right-click on the desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel option on the resulting menu. On the left menu in the Nvidia Control Panel, select Change resolution. Note that you can take this route versus using the instructions provided in the Short. Long , and Hardcore routes provided above. Select the display you want to customize. Click the Customize button. In the pop-up window, check the Enable resolutions not exposed by the display option and then click OK.

Click the Create Custom Resolution button. Here are a few notes:. Horizontal pixels: The number of pixels in a single line from left to right.

We list sample numbers in bold:. Vertical lines: The number of vertical scan lines crammed into the screen from left to right. Refresh rate: How many times the display renders an image each second.

If you have a graphics card that outputs 60 frames per second, you want the display set at 60Hz. Scan type Progressive: Renders the entire picture at once. This reduces flickering. This will change your screen resolution for 15 seconds. Click on “Keep changes” button to save new screen resolution, or click on “Revert” button to go back to the previous screen resolution. Screen resolution helps clarity of images and text. Higher resolution gives sharper images and text, and appear smaller so more items can fit on screen.

You can change screen resolution using below steps:.


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