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Zoom H5 Vs Zoom H6 as a Digital Recorder: Which to Choose? · The cost of both recorders has narrowed over the years · If you’re in the market for. Buy BY-C20 Universal Microphone and Recorder Shock Mount to fit Zoom H1, H1n, H2n, H4n Pro, H5, H6, Tascam DRx, DRx, DRx, and More – Mount on.

Zoom H1 vs Zoom H4n: What is the difference?


I tried that setup on a steadicam once, and even though I was only holding the handgrip of the steadicam, the noises made by the joint of the stabiliser were audible in the sound track. There are some fairly simple methods to solve that problem, and one of the obvious ones is to plug a separate mic in the mic input and use the H1 as a recorder only.

It depends. It probably isn’t the “best” but then again, it’s quite versatile and usable for its price. I’m not a fan of the Zoom user interface but I do have one, and I use it all the time.

I think it gives a great bang for the buck. Or quid. Don’t get too hung up in single details. Keep in mind thet the H1 is a small, compact recorder that can also use a separate mic, and therefore the sound you get from its own mics is less than half of the whole story. Keep in mind the practical side of things, too, like the fact that you could attach a shotgun mic to the H1, whether it’s on the camera or not. Or better still, you could attach a lavalier mic to the H1 and then hide the H1 in your or the talent’s pocket for the duration of the recording.

Again, placing the recorder right on top of the camera is not always the ideal choice. I’m quite sure it would do just fine as a podcast system. There are other reasons why some recorders cost more but, the point is, the H1 is a versatile and quite cost-effective product to get started with. It’s not the only one, of course.

Since the H1 is so affordable, and since you’ll end up having more than one recorder, anyway, I’d suggest you give it a try first, before judging its quality or usability. I’m not familiar with the Yamaha model, but there are two slightly different Tascam models for a reasonable price, both of which should be fine, and they have a slightly different user interface and perhaps a slightly more rugged design, too.

Speaking of which, Roland R could be another good example, although it costs twice as much as the H1. Also keep in mind all these recorders mentioned can be used with a separate mic, too, so the subtleties between their sound performance may be a moot point, at least at this stage.

Remember, be careful about over-analysing all the wrong things, and beforehand. There are a number of other brands and models like Roland and Sony, for example, but the bottom line is, they all will do just fine for your needs.

Typical podcasting could be considered a fairly light use of equipment, so you don’t necessarily need any military grade products or ultra-fancy features aimed for musicians. Find a mic and a rig to your liking and worry less about the mics of the recorder itself. You may need to use a lav mic at some point, anyway. Just pick a recorder that ‘feels right in your own hand. I have listened to audio tests on YouTube and I thought one recorder was better, while others disagreed.

It’s very subjective. Yeah it looks like the Zoom H1 is not suitable for recording when moving around. I have seen a lot of people create makeshift shock mounts, though connecting a lavalier or shotgun microphone to the recorder seems more practical.

What surprised me is that there are few alternatives to the Zoom H1. All the other audio recorders available are much larger. It kind of puts the H1 in a category of its own.

Are you referring to the DRWL? A huge amount of podcasters recommend the Roland R, though it just doesn’t have the portability of the Zoom H1 :. I will be using the recorder to record audio for videos mostly, however everything you said still rings true. Since there are many different recordable situations, the best digital voice recorders are versatile, with features designed for simple to complex recordings.

The Olympus LS, Zoom H6 and Roland R are excellent examples of digital voice recorders designed to deliver the highest-quality audio in every situation, whether it’s close-range dictation or multitrack recordings for a podcast. The LS and Roland R both look good. Though it begs the question as to whether they should be compared to the Zoom H6 as the H6 has more XLR ports and an interchangeable mic system.

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Forum Threaded view. Apr 26, Due to all of this, I feel that the Zoom H6 is the better option for me. For example, I could attach the Zoom H1 to the top of my camera like this: The Zoom H1 attached using the hot shoe interface. What is the Best Portable Audio Recorder? My question is: Is the Zoom H1 the best portable audio recorder available?

Do you know of any other portable audio recorders that offer portability and good audio quality? Thanks, Kevin. Kevin Muldoon’s gear list: Kevin Muldoon’s gear list. Reply to thread Reply with quote Complain. Reply Reply with quote Reply to thread Complain. Have you tried any alternatives to the Zoom H1? It is just so easy to use on a camera and plugged into a camera record both at the same time.

I use it for live music and it is great. I guess if something was a fair bit more quiet it might be more noticeable. I have only used the Zoom H1, a Zoom H2 really had another cheap broken thing briefly. Now if you want to buy a Sound Devices recorder it might be a different story. I am not so sure. Kevin Muldoon wrote: neil holmes wrote: I am sure there are lots of recorders better than a Zoom H1 but I don’t think that most would be better to the point that a listener would really notice.

Kevin Muldoon wrote: Therefore, instead of using one audio recorder for everything, I feel that it is better for me to use the Zoom H6 for recording audio at home and a portable audio recorder such as the Zoom H1 when I am on the move.

A huge amount of podcasters recommend the Roland R, though it just doesn’t have the portability of the Zoom H1 : Do you know of any other portable audio recorders that offer portability and good audio quality? I am definitely going to pick up a lav microphone to see how it performs. F Forum M My threads. Zoom H1. Zoom H6. Show all Images. Consumer Score.

In comparison:. Zoom H1 ranks 10 out of Go to rankings Read reviews. Read reviews. Go to listing. Zoom H6 ranks 1 out of Zoom H1: Buy Customer Reviews. Zoom H6: Buy Customer Reviews. Consumer score distribution. Zoom H6 ranks 1 and Zoom H1 ranks In our awesomeness score Zoom H6 ranks 2 out of 42 and Zoom H1 ranks 9 out of In our popularity score Zoom H6 ranks 7 out of 42 and Zoom H1 ranks 2 out of Go to popularity ranking. Zoom H5 ranks 2 out of Go to rankings. Tascam DRX ranks 16 out of Very popular.

Zoom H1n ranks 9 out of Battery life alkaline batteries : Approximately 10 hours continuous recording time using built-in mic, Direct recording to SD cards up to GB. Display 2. No manufacturer information linked for Zoom H1. EAN Numbers: , , , , , , , UPC Numbers: , , , , Loading price comparison chart You might also like: High-rated Audio Recorders in a similar price range. Zoom H5. Tascam DRX.


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You can count on your H1 to deliver pristine audio wherever you go. Panasonic Best Sellers. Take it with you wherever you go—live concerts and band rehearsals, location video shoots, lectures and meetings—or use it to capture your musical ideas whenever inspiration strikes. General Brands. I wouldn’t want to use this to support anything of great value. Product information Item Weight 5 ounces Package Dimensions 3. As it is made of plastic, I found it to be a little fragile for its purpose.

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