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Zoom PWA for Chromebook gains blur and virtual backgrounds – The definitive guide to using virtual backgrounds in Zoom

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Chromebooks are designed for students and people who only need a laptop for light work. They are less expensive than laptops or full-fledged PCs and can be used for basic tasks such as streaming videos or using Zoom for video calling. Many people prefer to make Zoom calls on Chromebooks, but some features may be missing from the app. Changing the background is one feature that you might not find on Zoom for Chromebook.

Well, on Chromebook, there is no default option to change the Zoom Background. Because Chromebooks have lower specs, some features from the apps have been removed to keep the system light. Zoom for Chromebook does not have a change background feature.

Virtual backgrounds necessitate a lot of processing power, and Zoom for Chromebook does not have this capability. With specific workarounds, you can easily change the Zoom background on Chromebook. We will be discussing how you can change the Zoom background on Chromebook ahead in this article.

Still, before that, we will discuss specific prerequisites that you will require. There are specific prerequisites that you must take care of to change Zoom Background on Chromebooks-. Now that you meet all the required prerequisites, you can continue ahead with the steps to change Zoom Background on Chromebook-.

This will change the Zoom Background on Chromebook. Although Chromebooks pride themselves on being one of the best, they have some not-so-good features that downsize their efficiency. The downside of Chromebooks is that they also ship with much lower specs than regular PCs. This guide shows you how to change your background on Zoom regardless of the Chromebook functionality. While Chromebooks have their own selling points and amazing features, they do have some features that make them not a good option all the time.

Other devices such as Microsoft Windows, and Chrome OS are extremely lightweight and do not need much processing power. Therefore, this feature makes it hard for apps with higher processing power unable to run on Chromebook. One of such missing features is the ability of students to change their background in the Zoom Chromebook. To fix this problem, the first thing to do in order to fix your virtual background issue is to check for updates to your Zoom client, be it desktop or mobile.

If the issue is from your Mobile app, all you have to do is to go to the Play Store or the App Store depending on your mobile OS and check for updates. If the issue is not from your phone, students should follow the steps we have outlined above to change the Zoom background on Chromebook.

Another reason why your Zoom Virtual Background is not working is that your laptop does not support it. Zoom by design requires quite a lot of processing power and Chromebook on the other hand prides itself on being lightweight and quick.

This contrasting feature between the two accounts for the reason why you cannot change the zoom background on Chromebook. Since Chromebooks ship with lesser CPUs, Zoom developers decided to remove the virtual background function altogether. As we stated earlier, Zoom by design does not have the function on Chromebook, but there is a workaround for it.

There is a way to use virtual backgrounds on a Zoom meeting and that method requires you to run Google Meet simultaneously with Zoom on Chromebook. Here is a list of prerequisites that you need in order to use virtual backgrounds on a Zoom meeting on Chromebooks. The first thing you should do to change your background on Zoom is to download a Visual Effect for Google Meet. Now you have this Google Chrome extension, the next is to create a new meeting using Google Meet.

The next step on How to Change the Zoom background on Chromebook for students is to start a Zoom meeting to effect the change on Google Meet. But before that, you have to start or join a Zoom meeting while the Google Meet tab is running in the background with the video on.

By doing so, Zoom will use the feed from your Google Meet video which has the selected virtual background. The frequently asked questions we have tried to answer below will help give a more in-depth understanding of what we have discussed in this article and it is important you read them for further understanding as that are questions people frequently ask concerning this topic.


How to Change Zoom Background on Chromebook for Students .

I use a Chromebook for most of my zoom meetings but I can’t find how to change the background when viewing on my Chromebook. I looked up directions and even received a video from the chat but I don’t have the options they talk about. Anyone use Zoom on a Chromebook and have been able to change your background? May 26,  · Here is how you can get virtual background on your Zoom meeting while using a Chromebook. Step 1: Download Visual Effects for Google Meet. Visual Effects for Google Meet is a Google Chrome extension that lets you add effects to your Google Meet video call. As you probably know, Google Meet does not allow you to use virtual backgrounds. Hi, @snausagesThanks for your contribution to Zoom Community. When you are in a meeting or webinar, you can click More. in the meeting controls, then click Settings to access your settings.. Background: Enable a simplified version of our Virtual Background from the default available virtual backgrounds, and adjust the shape of the filter around your face.


How to change the background in a zoom meeting on a chromebook. How to Change Zoom Background on Chromebook for Students 2022

Now scroll down to ‘Green Screen’ and click ‘Upload Background’. You can now locate the background that you would. Go to Settings in the left side panel and then click on ‘In Meeting (Basic)’. Scroll down to ‘Show Zoom windows during screen.


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